Marco Bodt


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{{character |name = Marco Bodt |image = MarcoBodt.png |caption = Marco, as he appears in the anime. |gender = Male |age = 16 |birthday = June 16th |height = 178 cm |weight = 70 kg |affiliations = 104th Trainee Squad |species = Human |status = dead

Marco Bodt is a major character from the Attack on Titan anime and manga. He graduated 7th in his class from the 104th Trainees Squad, and he is a very close friend of Jean Kirstein. He was assigned to hunt down the Titans after they destroyed Wall Rose with other soldiers, and he was given command over his own squad. It is later revealed, however, that before the end of the battle, Marco was killed by a titan. His death demonstrates the true strength of the enemy and how even the strongest of the soldiers weren't guaranteed their life.

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