Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert
Armin Arlert, as he appears in the anime.
Armin Arlert
Undetermined (officially female)
November 3rd
163 cm
55 kg
Family Members
Mrs. Arlert (Mother, deceased)

Mr. Arlert (Father, deceased)

Grandfather (deceased)


Armin Arlert is one of the main protagonists in the anime and manga. Armin is best friends with Eren and Mikasa, and lived in the Shiganshina District with them until the invasion of the titans through Wall Maria. Armin was bullied a lot as a child because of his timid nature and his lack of physical strength, and was saved by Eren and Mikasa on multiple occasions.

Armin enlisted in the military along with Eren and Mikasa, and he joined the 104th Trainees Squad. Although he lacked the physical ability to do excel like Eren and Mikasa, he was successfully able to prove himself through his above-average level of intelligence. After he graduated, he joined the Survey Corps along with Eren and Mikasa.

[edit] Appearance

Armin does not have as strong of a physical build as Eren and Mikasa and he is therefore not as physically capable as they are. Armin has blond hair in the shape of a bowl cut on his round head, and he has big, blue eyes with bushy eyebrows. He is slightly short for his age, at 163 cm (or about 5'4"), and he has very pale, white skin.

As a kid, Armin wore a light blue long sleeved jacket with a white dress shirt under it. He wore long dress pants that looked too big for him, as well as dress shoes. When he enlisted in the military, however, his wardrobe changed. Armin now wears the normal Survey Corps attire, which consists of a short, brown jacket that makes it to about half the length of the stomach, a white button down undershirt, a brown sash held up by a belt covering the waist, long white pants, and knee high leather boots. The Survey Corps emblem is on each of the shoulders of the jacket, as well as the front left pocket and across the back of it. Armin also sometimes wears a green cape with the Survey Corps emblem across the back of it, however this is usually only seen during a special event with the survey corps, such as an expedition.

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