Bertolt Hoover

Bertolt Hoover
Bertolt Hoover, as he appears in the anime.
Bertolt Hoover
Other names
Colossal Titan
December 30th
192 cm
81 kg

Titan Shifter

Bertolt Hoover is a major character from both the anime and manga. He graduated 3rd in his class from the 104th Trainees Squad, and is known to be a strong, yet quiet and rather weak-willed person. After his graduation, he went on to join the Survey Corps.

Bertolt is revealed as a Titan Shifter along with Annie and Reiner, which makes him a major antagonist in the story to Eren and his team. So far in the series, it has not been revealed what kind of group he originated from, but it is known that he is from and area outside of the wall. Him, Reiner, and Annie were trusted with the mission to break into the military and find the "Coordinate".

[edit] Appearance

[edit] Human Form

Bertolt has relatively short black hair, and he has green eyes, similar to the color of Eren's. He is very tall, peaking at 192 cm (6'4"), and he has a slender build. At first, Bertolt is often seen wearing his Trainee Uniform, but after his graduation, he begins wearing the Survey Corps uniform. The uniform consists of a short brown jacket and a white undershirt. The Survey Corps emblem is on both shoulders of the jacket, as well as the left breast pocket and the back. The uniform also consists of a brown hash covering the waist area, tight, white pants, and knee high boots. While on expeditions, he may also wear his green cape that has the survey corps emblem on the back of it.

[edit] Titan Form

Bertolt's titan form is the Colossal Titan. When he transforms, he grows to a height of about 60 meters; only second to the tallest titan known in the series so far. The Colossal Titan, unlike other Titans, does not have any visible skin. In addition to this, It's entire face is much different than a typical human face, as some of the features seem to different or altered. The Colossal Titan has a general build of a male, however it lacks a definitive gender, just like all other Titans. The feet on the Colossal Titan are extremely large, making it hard for Bertolt to move. This forces him to move very slowly, however it acts as a handicap for the sheer amount of power the Colossal Titan contains. This Titan is the only Titan shifter who's body completely disappears after it is left behind, as all of the steam from its body evaporates.

The Colossal Titan also parallels some if its traits with Bertolt's. For example, similar to when Bertolt sweats when he is nervous, the Colossal Titan is almost always giving off steam.

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