Commander Dot Pixis (southern)
Purpose Guarding and maintaining the wall
Notable members Hannes, Kitts Verman, Rixo Brzenska, Ian Dietrich, Mitabi Jarnach
Affiliation Humanity, Survey Corps, Military Police

The Garrison is the most numerable of the three corps that serve mankind behind the wall, to such an extent that they have four commanders each incharge of their own section of the wall (North, East, South and West). The only known commander at this time is Dot Pixis who commands the men working on the southern portion of the wall. Most of the graduates of the trainee regimen opt to join the Garrison due to the exclusivity of the Military Police and the mortality rates of the Survey Corps, it is for this reason they are likely the biggest in terms of members. Due to their closeness with Titans they are proficient in a variety of different tasks, such as combat for dealing with the titans, manning the canons and other defensibles, security and crowd control. The latter is expressively used during the titan invasions.

[edit] Duty

The Stationary Guard typically works with anything having to do with the walls. They patrol the walls, and are the ones responsible for all maintenance, repairs, and improvements to the walls. Since the Garrison takes care of the walls, they often spend much of their time preparing for future battles with the Titans. They take care of the cannons on top of the wall that are used to hit Titans from far away, and they also take care of all other matters on the top of the walls. Another important duty of the Garrison is to have evacuation plans ready for all citizens if a Titan attack ever occurs.

[edit] Soldiers and Size

The Stationary Guard is by far the largest of the three Military Branches. Although the number of trainees accounts for two thirds of their total population, they have 30,000 soldiers (only 10,000 are combat-ready). Trainees are considered in this total, as they are trained with the Garrison until they graduate, where they can choose whichever branch they want to join.

In the Stationary Guard, all soldiers are a member of a regiment. Regiments consist of about 1,000 soldiers each. A Brigade then consists of two or three regiments, adding up to two to three thousand soldiers. The largest on the structure scale is a division, which is made up of two brigades, and therefore four to six regiments. Each division can contain anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000 soldiers.

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