Military Police

Military Police
Military Police.png
Commander Nile Dok
Role King's Guard and Police within the Wall
Notable members Annie Leonhart, Hitch, Marlowe Freudenberg
Affiliation Humanity, Survey Corps, Garrison

The Military Police are one of the three main corps that serve Humanity in the walls, specifically those within the Inner Wall, the safest location within the wall and the location of the King. It is one of the most prestigious organizations that members of the Trainee Squads can enter with only those ranking in the top 10 in their class able to choose to join, but other more illicit ways to enter have been hinted at. Those that are recruited live in luxury, safe from the threat of Titans, have unlimited resources and have a higher authority over the other military sectors. However, due to how closed off and high ranking they are this has left them prone to becoming the most corrupt of the sectors with an extraordinary lack of oversight. They also misuse the authority they have been given over the other sectors often leading to coming to odds with the Garrison and, more so than that, the Survey Corps.

[edit] Duty

The Military Police are the only section of the military that is completely within human territory, contrary to the Garrison who stands on the border between territories and the Survey Corps who ventures out into the Titan territories for exhibitions. The main duties of the Military Police Brigade are to maintain order within the inner walls, but they also work to directly serve the king. It is also seen that the Military Police collects taxes and they deal with the distribution of land. The Military Police Brigade are not allowed to use their 3D Maneuver Gear unless they are given special permission to do so, as they do not have to battle or fend off Titans on normal occasions like the other parts of the military. Instead, the Military Police is given permission to carry Firearms for general security purposes.

After the battle between Eren and Annie, the Military Police was assigned by Nile Dok to help evacuate all civilians. In addition, they were ordered to bring Erwin Smith, commander of the Survey Corps, on trial because of his play to capture the Female Titan.

[edit] Soldiers and Size

There are approximately 2,000 members of the Military Police alone, however, they have command over an additional 3,000 men who are a part of the Garrison, bringing their total to approximately 5,000. These men are divided up between all of the main districts on the inner wall, and each district is assigned a total of 200 officers.

One of the branches of the Military Police, the central branch, remains shrouded in mystery. Very little is known about them, other than the fact that they operate completely independent from the rest of the branches, as they have their own duties and structure. Many conspiracies often arise about the central branch, and they are often the subject of speculation between soldiers of other branches. They are known to view themselves as completely above the law due to their influence, and are rarely, if ever at all seen outside of the capitol district.

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