Survey Corps

Survey Corps
Survey Corps.png
Commander Erwin Smith
Purpose Human expansion, titan research
Notable members Levi, Hange Zoë, Erin Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Mike Zacharius

The Survey Corps is one of the three organizations within the walls that serve in the interests of humanity. They are the driving force behind expanding the habitation of the human race as well as researching titans. They symbolize the "hope of mankind" despite their continue effort and failure, but they do so in the hope that one day their efforts will provide a better future for the human race.

The Survey Corps is lead by Commander Erwin Smith.

[edit] Duty

The Survey Corps is responsible for planning expeditions outside of the walls. They leave the walls for these explorations, dangerously entering the Titan territory in hopes of being able to reclaim the land for humanity once again. Before the Colossal Titan destroyed Wall Maria, they would explore the exterior of the walls but not much would get accomplished due to many casualties from the Titans.

Presently, their main goal is to make their way back to the Shiganshina District, where they will re-seal the hole in the wall and reclaim the district for humanity.

[edit] Soldiers and Size

The Survey Corps is the smallest branch of the military in size. They can only hold a maximum of 300 soldiers, and the number is usually much smaller due to the death rate and the fact that only the bravest of the soldiers sign up for it.

The leader of the Recon Corps is Erwin Smith, who is the commander. There are four Squad Leaders under the commander, and under each squad leader is a Senior Team Leader. The Senior Team Leaders supervise eight Team Leaders, who work along with the five Remuneration Officers. In addition to these leaders, the Survey Corps has Veterinary Officers in charge of caring for their horses, and six Medical Officers. Along with all of these officers, there can be a max of 270 normal soldiers at a given time, and they are all divided up into ten teams.

The Recon Corps has stables full of up to 600 specially bred and trained horses, which they all use when going into combat. The horses used are extremely valuable and and are known to be specially trained and bred to be exceptionally fast and have great stamina, as well as be very calm in nature.

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