Wall Titans

The Wall Titan that appears at the very end of the anime.

Wall Titans are special kinds of Titans that make up the giant walls blocking humanity from the outside world. They were first revealed when the Female Titan was attempting to escape from the Survey Corps. She broke off a piece of the wall, and a little bit later the Wall Titan's head appeared in the hole she created. The Wall Titans are fairly unknown because they are stuck in the dark walls away from the sunlight, which essentially renders them immobile. Thus far in the anime and manga, the origins and history of the Wall Titans are completely unknown and are shrouded in mystery.

[edit] Background/Origin

Thus far, nothing is known about the background or origin on the Wall Titans, as they have yet to make a big appearance in the anime or the manga.

[edit] Appearance

The Wall Titans look very similar in appearance to the Colossal Titan. They do not have any skin, and instead all that is seen is muscle tissue, similar to the Colossal Titan. In addition, the Wall Titan must be very tall since it makes up the huge walls surrounding all of humanity. Their bodies must also be well built, since they make for a barrier inside of the walls.

[edit] Abilities

The abilities of the Wall Titans are, for the most part, unknown, because of the fact that they have not had a major role in the anime or manga yet. Since they are unable to capture any sunlight, they are immobile inside of the walls and have yet to be seen leaving a wall that they are inside.

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