Walls Rose, Maria and Sina as well as the periphery towns of each wall
The Walls are centuries old structures that were built during a time of human strife at the hands of the Titans in which they faced almost complete eradication. To ensure the survival of as many humans as possible, humanity built 50 meter high walls to protect their last known stronghold which also dig five times the average height of a human beneath the ground. The top of each wall is armed with hundreds of canons and catapults to fire on titans that get too close to the wall. The men that first built, protected and repaired the wall become the first members of the Garrison.

Wall titan revealed by Female Titan scaling Wall Sina
Due to the vast size of the walls, it takes a lot of men and effort to protect them in their entirety. In order to balance this out, four towns were built on the periphery of each wall, one at each cardinal direction, to draw titans to the large concentration of people within the periphery towns. This allows for a more concentrated line of defense as the Garrison are more likely to know where Titans will strike.

The walls seem to be composed of Colossal-class titans colloquially referred to as Wall Titans. Not officially stated, it is speculated that the titans were the ones who made the walls using their hardening ability, somewhat seen used by Titan Shifter, Annie Leonhart. Very few people still know of the existence of titans within the walls, which were originally revealed to the Survey Corps when the female titan tried to escape by climbing up Wall Sina, damaging the surface extensively enough to reveal them behind the concrete. However Pastor Nick, the pioneer of those who revere the walls as holy, had foreknowledge of the existence of titans within the walls but would not reveal how or why the titans are there, despite extensive interrogation from Hange Zoë.


[edit] Wall Maria

Wall Maria is the outermost wall of the kingdom the last remnants of humanity reside in. Like the other walls that protect humanity, it is 50 m in height and due to it being the first wall, it is also the biggest with a radius of 480km. Between Wall Maria and the next inner wall, Wall Rose, there is 100km. Five years prior to the events of Attack on Titan, the wall was breached by a Colossal-class titan, ending a 100 year period of peace.

[edit] Known Locations

[edit] Wall Rose

Wall Rose is the middle wall protecting humanity, located within Wall Maria. It is 380 km in radius, making it smaller than Maria, also. The distance between Wall Rose and Wall Sina is roughly 130 km. 5 years after the breach of Wall Maria, a Colossal-class Titan destroyed part of the wall letting a titans who had made it through Wall Maria into Wall Rose. However, the hole was later plugged with a boulder by Eren Jaeger, who titan shifted in order to move it.

[edit] Known Locations

[edit] Wall Sina

Wall Sina is the innermost wall in the Kingdom protected primarily by the Military Police. It is considered the safest place within the Kingdom and as such is there the King resides. It is 250 km in radius. The distance between Wall Sina and Wall Rose is around 130 km.

[edit] Known Locations

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